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Are you look­ing to take the first steps, after your degree, into a career in biol­o­gy?

A careers cafe run by Ban­gor Uni­ver­si­ty gave the floor to four alum­ni, in a vari­ety of bio­log­i­cal jobs;

  1. Bethan Wynne Jones- Ecosys­tem and Cli­mate Change Offi­cer at Awdur­dod Parc Cened­laethol Eryri
  2. Dawn Thomas- Liv­ing Seas Aware­ness Offi­cer, North Wales Wildlife Trust
  3. Gra­ham French- Direc­tor of PGCE Sec­ondary at Ban­gor University
  4. Jon Can­non- Process Sci­ence Man­ag­er at Dwr Cymru

Bethan out­lined the key aspects of how she suc­ceed­ed in achiev­ing her career tar­get of an Ecosys­tem and Cli­mate Change Offi­cer, since leav­ing University.

Lecturers can become Contacts

The key points Bethan found was that her tutor and lec­tur­ers actu­al­ly became her best con­tacts after fin­ish­ing Uni­ver­si­ty. Secur­ing a job at her dis­ser­ta­tion tutor’s com­pa­ny CELW Ltd, that gave her that extra expe­ri­ence before apply­ing for fur­ther vol­un­teer posts.

Volunteering is Important

Dawn Thomas had to vol­un­teer around her sub­ject field, from squir­rels to birds, which she found to be a key aspect of her being the pole can­di­date for her desired job as a Liv­ing Seas Aware­ness Officer.

A great place to go for fan­tas­tic vol­un­teer­ing oppor­tu­ni­ties you will enjoy is the wildlife trusts.

Keep an Open Mind to Opportunities

Gra­ham French expressed to us how he was able to incor­po­rate his favourite activ­i­ties (Out­door hob­bies) and his pas­sion for teach­ing. He out­lined that he achieved this by lis­ten­ing to advice pre­sent­ed by his tutor and being able to say YES to oppor­tu­ni­ties when they pre­sent­ed themselves.

Keep an Eye Open for Graduate Schemes

Jon Can­non was orig­i­nal­ly study­ing croc­o­dil­ians in Menai bridge but even­tu­al­ly end­ed up as a Sci­ence offi­cer in Welsh waters. Although on the sur­face this seems to be a dra­mat­ic change in careers, all is not as it appears.

Jon from his stud­ies was able to trav­el and become involved in fresh­wa­ter stud­ies that gave him a wealth of expe­ri­ence and under­stand­ing of water qual­i­ty. He is now with Welsh waters run­ning a grad­u­ate pro­gram that picks up stu­dents every year.

The key points I found is that your degree alone might not be able to get you every­where you want­ed. So vol­un­teer­ing and being able to say YES to every oppor­tu­ni­ty you get will sup­ply vital sup­port on your CV.

It has also shown to me that the job mar­ket for bio­log­i­cal jobs is a lot more var­ied than pre­vi­ous­ly thought. With com­pa­nies that you may not expect to need bio­log­i­cal sci­en­tists active­ly seek­ing us. There­fore the appear­ance to look more proffe­sion­al on every social plat­form has now become an imper­a­tive for me to amend.

Just incase my dream job does an assess­ment of me.

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