in How to Increase Your Employability Before Graduation!


From a few work­shops and per­son­al expe­ri­ence here is a the sum­ma­ry tips and tricks to instant­ly improve your employ­a­bil­i­ty as a graduate.

Say Yes

Many oth­er grad­u­ates have found that oppor­tu­ni­ties don’t come by often and with the increased num­ber of grad­u­ates, there’ll be even few­er in future.

Most stu­dents don’t get their dream option at the first attempt. You need to be able to say yes to an oppor­tu­ni­ty when it appears. Even if it’s not specif­i­cal­ly relat­ed to your dream job, use it as a step­ping stone to get there.

Use Your Weekends Wisely

Accord­ing to oth­er grad­u­ates, tak­ing as many oppor­tu­ni­ties as you can, espe­cial­ly vol­un­teer work can real­ly set you apart from the com­pe­ti­tion. If you have spare time on the week­end put down the bot­tles and cans and get to work on your future.

Work, whether it’s a side job or vol­un­teer­ing, can build use­ful con­tacts as evi­dence for future employ­ers of your com­mit­ment and experience.

The Social Media Revolution

If needs be you must purge your social media accounts!

tip: busi­ness­es do look through your social media pro­files. Even if you’re a polit­i­cal know-it-all, you nev­er know the posi­tion of your future job so it’s best to avoid post­ing how you the “blues” love the “reds”… just in case.

How­ev­er, social media can become your most pow­er­ful tool. As hint­ed at through­out my in depth arti­cles on employ­a­bil­i­ty, you can design your Twit­ter, Face­book or LinkedIn pro­files to be a plat­form of pas­sion for your desired career.

I also found that major com­pa­nies will start to look deep­er into an appli­can­t’s online pro­file. There­fore, hav­ing your own per­son­alised web­site can direct their search and give a more pro­fes­sion­al tint to your application.

CV’s Can Be Worth Their Weight in Gold

CV lec­tures and writ­ing prac­tice will pro­vide you with clar­i­ty and greater depth in under­stand­ing what is need­ed to per­fect a CV When I prac­ticed it showed me that being able to assess your­self, analyse your degree skills and have a clear cut plan will help you mas­sive­ly in CV writing.

This will help you fur­ther under­stand the need for tar­get­ing your dream job with a well artic­u­lat­ed and detailed cov­er­ing let­ter.  This can tilt the favour of the employ­er and make them want to read on.

Future Employment

Going to sem­i­nars and  careers cafes may change your opin­ion on the num­ber of dif­fer­ent jobs a degree in Zool­o­gy or Biol­o­gy and the dif­fer­ent paths and routes your learn­ing jour­ney will take you on.

Going to busi­ness talks may also help you dis­cov­er the poten­tial entr­peneur­ial side to Zool­o­gy or Biol­o­gy for exam­ple the Nite-guard prod­uct. And on the way busi­ness­es per­ceive sci­ence and rel­e­vant issues like pover­ty and health.

Looking Forward

As the end of under­grad­u­ate life rush­es towards you, instead of feel­ing ambushed by it look for­ward to the chal­lenges and oppor­tu­ni­ty that it will hope­ful­ly bring.

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