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Hi, I'm Chris :)

Avid blogger on science and nature and self improvement, also a PhD student at Salford University, studying eDNA and it's application to pelagic stock assessments. 

And the owner of Vizzible.me, a website design business.

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Prelim Results
Cetacean Findings SpeciesAmount of detection areasBeaked WaleZiphiidae5Baleen WhaleMysticeti1DolphinsDelphinidae29Fin WhaleBalaenoptera physalus4Rorquals/ humpbackBalaenopteridae1Fishy FindingsIdentificationAmount of detection areasSole5Shad5Sand Lance (fish feed)15Wolfish1Greater argentine2Garfish2Gurnard12Herring23Anchovy12Cod25Gobies5Seahorse1Cuckoo Wrasse4Monkfish4Grey Mullet3Flounder12Mackerel49Rockfish1Tuna8Horse[...]
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